Site Selection

Medical Missions wants all of its mission projects and programs to have a significant and lasting effect.  In order to accomplish this, Medical Missions carefully chooses mission sites in remote areas of the world that have profound needs but are located in a safe environment for travelers.

Medical Missions goal is to create, in concert with local people, infrastructure and programs that have the capacity to be life-changing and self-sustaining. This is accomplished through careful and thoughtful planning that involves the utilization of diverse groups of volunteers.  We follow a well-designed structural approach:

Step 1: We visit the site and assess the needs in conjunction with the local people and their leaders.

Step 2: The needs are prioritized and the projects are selected for funding.

Step 3: Medical Missions develops a master plan, prepares working drawings and estimates the cost of the project.

Step 4:  an agreement is drawn with the community which outlines the responsibilities and commitments of each party.

Step 5: Medical Missions does the fund raising and organizes professional and volunteer personnel to construct the projects, build the relationships and accomplish the goals set forth in the community agreement.

Step 6: Volunteer groups from the USA are brought to the mission site under the direction of Medical Missions. These volunteers work with the local people to build the projects and develop relationships that allow mutual support and cultural and spiritual interaction.

Step 7: When the projects are completed, Medical Missions establishes an Advisory Board and implements a long-range plan for sustainability.




  • Our Mission

    Our approach to missions is holistic, addressing the medical, spiritual, vocational and educational needs of people who live in very remote and impoverished areas of the world.