Project Updates


Special Children of the Amazon (SCOTA) Program Update:

The El Jardin SCOTA program on the Amazon Mission Campus (El Jardin) is flourishing. There are 85 students in the program, and all classroom space is used. The SCOTA computer lab is being utilized by teachers and students.
The Nauta SCOTA program on our Nauta mission hub campus is also thriving. This campus is located where the Amazon river actually begins on the shore of the Maranon River. There are 20 special needs students in our program that is staffed by the Department of Education. This is the first facility for special needs children built in this historic jungle village. Several USA Board Members visited the school in early November and stated that the children are thriving and the building looked fabulous. This campus is approximately 5 miles from the headwaters of the Amazon River.
Construction progress of the new SCOTA School at our Tamshiyacu mission hub campus has been completed. This school for special needs children overlooks the Amazon River and is about a 2 hour boat ride from the port city of Iquitos.Also constructed on this campus is a church, education rooms, a pastors house and short term missionary housing.

Living Waters Project Update:

The Amazon Mission Fellowship (AMF) is a sister organization to Medical Missions that was born out of a need for management of the ministries of Medical Missions in Iquitos, Peru and surrounding Amazon jungle villages. The AMF is primarily responsible for helping to establish and maintain covenant relationships between U.S. and Peruvian congregations and their pastors. Medical Missions helped start and build eight Peruvian Churches which now are seeking or have “sister churches” in the USA . The AMF is facilitating these relationships as well as seeking to find two more US churches to partner with these churches in the Amazon (Santo Tomas and Santa Maria currently need US sister churches). Please visit the AMF Website for more information.

Medical Missions is building schools and churches in the northern rural part of Costa Rica (Brasilito, Haucas, Santa Cruz, and Oriente).
Recently mission groups worked to complete an addition to the Brasilitio Church Sanctuary, located in a coastal fishing village in Guanacoste Province, northern Costa Rica. The building is now complete and the congregation is worshipping in it. The Brasilito church continues to grow under the leadership of Pastor Aquileo, who has served this church for 3 years with his wife Flora and three children.

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    Our approach to missions is holistic, addressing the medical, spiritual, vocational and educational needs of people who live in very remote and impoverished areas of the world.