Completed Projects since 1992:

Mwandi, Zambia (Africa): Mwandi is a remote bush village in Southern Africa approximately 3 hours from Victoria Falls.  From 1992 to 1997, Medical Missions funded and built the following in Mwandi:

  • 110-bed hospital
  • Clinic
  • Administrative building
  • Preschool
  • Sewing school
  • Library
  • Housing for nurses
  • Chapel
  • Family life center

Xpujil, Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula):Xpujil is a small village near Belize. Xpujil does not have a water source other than government tanker trucks.   From 1994 to 1996 Medical Missions helped fund a vocational training center and a church in this very poor community.

Sorocaba, Brazil: In 2001 Medical Missions helped fund the construction of the “Children of Bethlehem” project.  This 5,000 sq.ft. building serves as a preschool/day care facility for children born with aids.

Iquitos, Peru (on the Amazon River) and the surrounding Amazon rain forest:  From 1998 to present, Medical Missions has built many projects and started many ministries in this particular area of Peru including:

  • 3 mission campuses
  • 3 schools for children with special needs
  • 4 missionary housing facilities
  • 8 churches
  • 3 clinics
  • 2 pastor’s houses
  • Community buildings
  • Five fresh water wells

Medical Missions has purchased land in Iquitos, Peru and built a multipurpose mission campus and evangelism headquarters (“El Jardin Campus”) for Iquitos and the surrounding villages in the rain forest.  The El Jardin complex includes various facilities:

  • Church and Christian Education Building
  • Missionary housing
  • Pastoral training facility
  • Carpentry shop
  • School for children with special needs (SCOTA)
  • Mission group housing
  • Library

Costa Rica:  Medical Missions began working in the rural northern area of Costa Rica in 2002. Since that time Medical Missions has built the following facilities:

  • Headquarters Building for Medical Missions in Huacas. This facility provides missionary housing and also a school where the local people can learn English.
  • A church in Brasilito which is located on the Pacific coast.
  • A church in Oriente which combines three congregations that previously worshiped in houses.
  • A church education and recreation building in Santa Cruz.
  • A classroom in Brasilito that provides computer instruction.





  • Our Mission

    Our approach to missions is holistic, addressing the medical, spiritual, vocational and educational needs of people who live in very remote and impoverished areas of the world.